The programmes offered by MANCOSA YKBS whose MBA ranked in the top 10 in Africa, are specially designed for working adults. Thanks to their flexibility, they have enabled thousands of alumni to realize their professional dreams, for more than 25 years.


Why choose MANCOSA?

  • Accredited

  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum

  • Flexible Structure

  • Value to Organisations

  • Affordable and Accessible

  • Internationally Benchmarked

  • Infrastructure and Support

  • Multicultural Faculty

  • Online Support

About MANCOSA’s Programmes

MANCOSA programmes promote high levels of independence through innovative learning and assessment interventions. Students can expect a carefully integrated mix of lectures; access to well-designed self-study materials and online learning resources.


All the programmes are offered via Supported Distance Learning, which is ideal for the working adult. Workshops are carried out over the weekend. 

MANCOSA provides the learning with a student portal where study materials can be accessed and regular webinars are conducted to make the Learning Journey smoother.

Due to COVID-19, all classes until the end of the year 2020 will be delivered online through Microsoft Teams.


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