YK Business School Ltd (formerly MANCOSA Mtius Ltd) is a private company registered by the Registrar of Companies with specific aims to promote higher education in Mauritius. The company is operational as from July 2002 and has been involved in the promotion of MBA and other management programs exclusively on a supported distance learning mode of delivery.


» 19 Dec 2013
MANCOSA Results!
Please call the office for results
» 12 Oct 2013
Macosa Graduation Ceremony 2013
This year's graduation ceremony was held at the International Conference Center (ICC) Durban South Africa.
» 13 Jul 2013
Special Announcement
Special Announcement for students with disabilities / Annonce spéciale pour les personnes autrement capables.
» 02 Nov 2012
The Chartered Institute for IT
We are pleased to announce the we are now offering courses from The Chartered Institute for IT – more commonly known as BCS. We have a cutting edge computer laboratory waiting for you!
» 01 Nov 2012
YK Business School Inauguration
YK Business School was inaugurated on the 1 November 2012. Photos and complete coverage will soon be posted.
» 01 Nov 2012
New Accreditation – ABE
We are pleased to announce that we are now offering courses from ABE.
» 14 Aug 2012
YKBS activities in Rodrigues
MANCOSA Degree conferment ceremony in Rodrigues


Mr. Gyanandsing Prayagsing, Manager, Client Services 26/28 rue Edward Steichen L-2540 Luxembourg.
If there is one decision which I am very proud of is joining Mancosa and the dynamic team surrounding Dr Jaumally, Chairman of YKBS.  I have been associated with Mancosa (Mtius) for seven years, first as a student during three years that took me to complete by MBA and then, as a tutor for the r...